iPhone apps and impulse buying

Rintel, S. (2012, January 4). [Interview with John Blackman, 3AW 693]. iPhone apps and impulse buying.

This interview was not recorded, but in a nutshell I argued that since impulse buying is a factor of both personality and user experience attractiveness, the easiest solution to reducing impulse buying of iPhone apps and in-app purchases are technological constraints. Barriers such as shorter password caching times, which Apple at least changed from permanent to 15 minutes, are good because they at least require you to stop and enter something other than game input, breaking the game high somewhat. So they can reduce in-app purchase shocks. However, even 15 minutes might be too long–it didn’t prevent children spending $1400 on Smurfs in-app purchases.

On the lighter side, although I never had the chance to be on Hey Hey It’s Saturday, I did finally got to talk to John Blackman. He challenged me to identify the theme song of his favorite iPhone game. I failed to identify the Sonic the Hedgehog theme. I’m not sure if that’s a win or a fail. I revealed that my most indispensable app is  Reeder, the RSS reader (boring), but admitted to owning 100 apps, amongst which was, of course, Angry Birds.