No “fair”, no “share”: The Trans-Pacific Partnership IP Chapter Wordle

On the EFF’s Trans-Pacific Partnership page you can find a link to the leaked TPP draft IP chapter [pdf].

I made the Wordle above from the chapter. You’ll note that the words “fair” and “share”, and other synonyms that might indicate an interest in the free flow of ideas, do not appear in it. On the other hand, words like “trademark”, “copyright”, “patent”, all of which treat ideas like property to be jealously guarded, are quite prominent.

That’s the problem with this treaty, and ACTA etc. along with it. Loads of property rights and infringement provisions for corporations and governments, few to no positive rights for individuals or the flow of ideas. TPP has some very worrying implications, as far as I can see: Limited safe harbours, jurisdiction over buffered copies of files, increased copyright terms, incentives for ISPs to cooperate with authorities.

Nate Anderson at Ars Technica has posted a very good article on why TPP is so worrying.

You can read the DFAT page on TPP, which includes an email address for submitting a comment. You can also attend public consultations in Australian capital cities (see the “news” tab on the DFAT page).