Managing email: Use the right tool for the task

I commented in the Sydney Morning Herald about email overload. The article was also republished by Polar Sky Consulting.

Source: Michele Mossop – Sydney Morning Herald

“It’s using the right tools for the task – that’s the problem,” Dr Rintel said.

“Email is used because it’s convenient and everyone’s got it, so it’s the lowest common denominator, but there’s so many more tools that are more appropriate for each given task.”

“…companies around the world were tackling inbox management, completely eliminating internal emails and using micro-blogging, scheduling and instant messaging platforms instead.”

Read more at Walter, S. (2012, February 14). You’ve got mail, lots of itSydney Morning Herald, ITPro (Online).

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A suggested list of tools for tasks that should be moved out of email (all free – at least for now):

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