Mindshare is king: Facebook is down but far from out

 The Conversation published my article on why market nervousness about the troubled Facebook IPO is unwarranted.

I argue that while no company is immune to failure, the current market nervousness over Facebook is unwarranted. Facebook still has as strong a lock on the concept of sharing as Google does on the concept of search. I cover three issues: The mishandled IPO, the relative infancy of the mobile space, and the monetisation of the social graph.

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Rintel, S. (2012, May 31). Mindshare is still Facebook’s biggest asset. The Conversation (Online).

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Rintel, S. (2012, June 1). Underestimating Facebook’s potential. Technology Spectator (Online).

 Rintel, S. (2012, May 31). Mindshare is still Facebook’s biggest asset. Leading Company (Online).