Would you ask your Facebook friends to track down a stolen car?

I commented in the The Townsville Bulletin about a Townsville woman turning to Facebook in an attempt to track down her stolen four-wheel drive.

Flag image source: freeaussiestock.com

Excerpt: University of Queensland social media expert and strategic communications lecturer, Dr Sean Rintel, said social media posts travelled further in tight-knit communities.

“If you have a couple of hundred friends, then the reach from your friends and their friends is about 60,000,” he said.

“If your post is then posted by several of your friends, it just keeps rippling.”

Dr Rintel said personal stories and pleas for help were more likely to go viral than messages from authority figures and that more people were likely to give social networking a go to track down their own stolen vehicles.

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Higgins, K. (2012, June 12). Theft victim turns to FacebookTownsville Bulletin (Online).

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