Social media does not lead to teen risk-taking

I commented in the The Townsville Bulletin about whether social media can be treated as responsible for a “skitching” incident. A young cyclist almost met his demise trying to hitch a lift by hanging on to a very large truck.

Skitching is nothing new – Check it out in “Back to the Future”

Excerpt: University of Queensland social media researcher Dr Sean Rintel said teenagers were natural risk-takers.

“Just because someone watches something online doesn’t mean they are going to then act and do that activity,” he said.

“Social media does [help] things become more widespread more quickly than previous types of media, but nothing is new in this type of behaviour.

It is horrendously unfortunate but teenagers do these types of things to impress people, or get ‘cred’, from their group of friends.”

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Templeton, A. (2012, June 19). Young cyclists risking their lives in truck-hitching trendTownsville Bulletin (Online).