New York Times wobbles on Weibo

 The Conversation published Yanshuang Zhang and my article on the New York Times’s challenging entry into China.

Sina Weibo is the hugely popular Chinese microblogging platform akin to Twitter. It has 300+ million users. It is one of the most free spaces for discussion in China. It is also frequently censored.

The New York Times has just found out how careful it will have to be after its Sina Weibo account was mysteriously suspended for four hours yesterday, just hours after it was opened along with the NYT Chinese edition.

Yanshuang Zhang is writing about Sina Weibo for her PhD here with John Harrison, Dan Angus, and I at the UQ School of Journalism and Communication.

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Zhang, Y. & Rintel, S. (2012, June 29). No-no on Weibo: China challenges the New York Times. The Conversation (Online).