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Australian Gift Guide interviewed me about Pinterest.

“Dr Sean Rintel, lecturer in strategic communications at the University of Queensland, says the site’s popularity stems from our basic instincts. […] “Lots of people collect images of fashion; they clip magazines and put them into various sorts of things like that, so this is just a new version of that kind of collecting behaviour. “The big benefit is that you can share this stuff with other people and so if you’ve got a need to share your collection with other people—either just because you’re interested in sharing it or you want people to look at it and give you some sort of suggestion—that’s when Pinterest becomes really useful.”

The Copyright Issue

“If you’re a business you’ve got to be sure you own the rights or have rights to whatever images you want to put up, so if you own a store you need to take your own photos or you need to check if your suppliers are giving you images you can use royalty free or for a small fee with their permission, because otherwise you might be in a difficult position copyright wise.”

Read the full article at:

Galvin, R. (2012, July). Put a pin in it. Australian Gift Guide, pp 44-45. (PDF)

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