Event: UQ Great Debate on Citizen Journalism

Sean Rintel 2012 UQ Great Debate | UQ
Sean Rintel 2012 UQ Great Debate | UQ
Inaugural UQ Great Debate | UQ
Inaugural UQ Great Debate | UQ

Update 2

Update 1

The People’s Decision: Better off with Citizen Journalism. So, my team did not win, but we had fun and, honestly, I’m rather relieved!

As I said in the report on the debate outcome, “I think the audience rightly went with hope for better, over fear about current troubles. “We want citizen journalism because we hope that it gives us all a voice,” said Dr Rintel. Reports on my dancing Gangnam Style are still unconfirmed by video or images… ;)


I’ll be taking part in the Inaugural UQ Research Week Great Debate. The topic for this debate is: “We are better off with citizen journalists”.

As UQ News says, the topic is “We are better off with citizen journalists”. Four of the six debaters are from the UQ School of Journalism and Communication, joined by team members from the Global Change Institute and the School of Business.

Myself, Skye Doherty, and Amalia Buckerfield, all from SJC will argue the negative: that we are not better off with citizen journalists because the content they create does not meet any professional standards.

John Cook (GCI), Liam Pomfret (Business), and Carl Smith (SJC) will argue the affirmative: that citizen journalists help to democratize the flow of news.”

The negative position will be interesting to argue, as my personal views tend more toward the affirmative. However, researching for the debate has turned up significant complexity to the argument.