Don’t be surprised by Facebook fatigue fluctuations, but don’t count it out either

Facebook | facebook_icon_typography_by_looolcoc2
Facebook | facebook_icon_typography_by_looolcoc2

I commented in the The Courier Mail and other outlets about Facebook’s fluctuating user numbers.

Excerpt: While this may look like the beginning of the end for our most prevalent social network, University of Queensland social media expert Dr Sean Rintel says Facebook is far from going away.

“There are two things to consider here – the first being that there has been nothing like Facebook before; there are nearly a billion people on the site, so it fluctuates in usage,” Dr Rintel said.

“Secondly, that people probably do get Facebook fatigue, there’s an information overload and people get overwhelmed.”

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Drysdale, C. (2013, February 8). Users plan to cut back their Facebook use as stress and “drama” reach point of no return. The Courier Mail (Online).