Australia’s long #socmed election

hipstergillard | Twitter
hipstergillard | Twitter

I commented in Technology Spectator about Australia’s long, social election after Julia Gillard announced the next Federal Election will occur on  September 14. This is a record length of campaign time in Australian politics, so I was asked whether it might make a difference in social media use.

Excerpt: “A common criticism of social media audiences is that they are not representative of the public and not useful to target in a political campaign.

Rintel supports this notion to an extent, in that social media is not fully representative of the wider public.

However, he said that, “big social media stories are always going to get picked up more by traditional news sources”.

In this way, social media campaigns are not confined to the web, they have a much broader reach.”

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Cope, E. (2013, February 15). Australia’s long, social electionTechnology Spectator.


Interestingly, this article was picked up by Sentirate, an automated attempt to analyse the sentiment analysis of various forms of text online. The article was rated “Neutral”.

Sentirate analysis of Australia's long, social election
Sentirate analysis of Australia’s long, social election