The Assange Agenda documentary

The Assange Agenda
The Assange Agenda

The Assange Agenda, available to rent for just $1 until September 7th, is a provocative documentary that looks at the deeper issues surrounding Julian Assange’s bid for a seat in the Australian Senate.

Myself and two other UQ researchers, Dr Mark Andrejevic and Dr Sebastian Kaempf were interviewed as part of the documentary. See the UQ News Online story.

Teaser Trailer with some of my comments

The film-makers describe the documentary as follows:

Recent leaks by NSA Whistleblower, Edward Snowden have revealed the far reaching extent of mass surveillance of citizens, governments and officials by US Government Agencies. The Assange Agenda interviews international experts to examine the choices democracies face at this crucial moment in history.

The film examines the erosion of privacy, the rise of surveillance and it’s polar opposite open government.

How much are we under surveillance? Can we protect our privacy and civil liberties? What would happen if this information fell into the wrong hands?

This film looks deeper at the implications for democracy in the information age and how we could all be effected.



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