“Selfie” makes it into the OED

The Selfle
The Selfle

I commented in the The Townsville Bulletin about the ongoing ‘selfie’ trend. I said:

“It is funny, the most interesting thing was how quickly `selfie` made it into the dictionary,” he said.

“It rapidly got in there, it took a long time for the word `blog` to make it in.” […]

Dr Rintel said the pocket-camera had fuelled the selfie-fire. “Now everyone has a camera in their pocket,” he said.

“The availability of it makes it easy to take pictures of whatever you want and of course one of the things they like to do is take photos of themselves.

“I don’t want to tar everyone with narcissism brush but we do like to look at ourselves.”

Read more at:

Armistead, J. (2013, November 21). We want your photos, send us your Savvy SelfiesTownsville Bulletin.


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