Social Mobile Video Infographic 15 April 2015

Infographic: Social mobile video space – April 2015

[PDF: 15 April 2015] Updated 15 April 2015 to include new applications and revise the format. As part of my research into how Skype Qik is being used in the wild, I’ve been looking into the larger space of social mobile video. The ‘infographic’ above (for want of a better term) is a first and very[…]

World Record attempt for shortest radio advertisement

I was a guest on 612 ABC Brisbane’s Eat The Week show hosted by Rebecca Levingston. We talked about Jibo, attempted to break a world record, listened to P!nk’s “Glitter in the Air”, and discussed various topics in the week’s news. Loads of fun! The Guinness World Record we attempted to break was for the[…]

Stepping down as EFA Chair to take a position with Microsoft

This is the text of the email I sent to members of Electronic Frontiers Australia on Saturday 26 April (edited slightly for style). I stepped down as Chair and as Board Member at the monthly Board Meeting Sunday 27 April. — G’day all EFA members, I am writing with some bittersweet news. Due to a new job,[…]

Europe says no to data retention, so why is it an option in Australia?

With Angela Daly, Swinburne University of Technology There has been plenty of technology-related legal activity in the European Union this month. Last week the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) ruled that data retention regulations, as they currently stand, are not in accordance with EU law and the European Parliament voted in favour of[…]

ACT Police Twitter Forum

I commented in the Canberra Times on the ACT Police conducting a public Q&A forum via Twitter. I said that: “[…] police PR is very difficult given we typically interact with the police only in times of trouble/crisis, so I’d say this was rather successful.” “Answers to more difficult questions got ‘well it’s complicated’ responses,” he said.[…]

If I Could Say One Thing

I represented Electronic Frontiers Australia on the ABC consumer affairs show The Checkout. In my “If I Could Say One Thing” segment I discussed ways of dealing with Internet tracking by advertisers and third parties. Here is the script, including links: Hi, I’m Dr Sean Rintel, Chair of digital rights group Electronic Frontiers Australia. I could[…]

Australia Needs Fair Use

I was quoted in Delimiter on the introduction of Fair Use to Australia in the wake of the ALRC report released on February 13, 2014. The quote came from the Electronic Frontiers Australia fair use media release: “EFA believes that the introduction of a broad fair use exception into Australian copyright law is a critical and[…]

Big data ethics: When did you consent to Facebook’s self-censorship research?

Are corporate and academic research ethics up to the task of dealing with the “cool but creepy” dilemmas of big data? A recent paper, Self Censorship on Facebook, shows that Facebook wants to know why users might abort a post at the last minute, and was able to collect data from 3.9 million users over[…]

A thin blue line: How Facebook deals with controversial content

Stories of Facebook allowing beheading videos but removing breastfeeding images, and then reversing the decision to allow graphic violence after public uproar, has led many to question how Facebook should treat controversial content. Australian users, for example, were enraged by Facebook’s initial refusal to take down an Aboriginal Memes page last year, although Facebook also[…]