Big data ethics: When did you consent to Facebook’s self-censorship research?

Are corporate and academic research ethics up to the task of dealing with the “cool but creepy” dilemmas of big data? A recent paper, Self Censorship on Facebook, shows that Facebook wants to know why users might abort a post at the last minute, and was able to collect data from 3.9 million users over[…]

The Evolution of Fail Pets Part 2

In November last year UX Magazine published my article on The Evolution of Fail Pets such as Twitter’s Fail Whale. Fred Wenzel, a Mozilla employee who I found to have coined the term (and has a gallery of Fail Pets), read the piece recently and picked up an error that I had made. I attributed the cute[…]

The Evolution of Fail Pets

UX Magazine just published my article on The Evolution of Fail Pets. The piece considers error messages as a critical strategic moment in brand awareness and loyalty. Fail pets are of particular interest in terms of branding because they can result in brand recognition through earned media. However, that same recognition carries the danger of highlighting[…]