Webcast: Protecting an uncensored Internet

State Library of Queensland panel: Protecting an uncensored Internet: the global response to SOPA legislation SLQ SOPA Panel Podcast MP3 direct download [60Mb] via @SLQ Date: Wednesday 1 February  2012 Speakers: Dr Sean Rintel (UQ, social communication technology researcher) Associate Professor Axel Bruns (QUT researcher in  social media mapping, citizen journalism and online publishing) Dr Nic Suzor[…]

Obama? Norway killings? London riots? You can has a meme for that …

Alongside serious reportage of bad news, you’ve probably come across at least one crisis meme that treats that bad news with a dose of ghoulish humour. Just hours after the Daily Mail printed the image of a London looter the version above appeared. It’s funny, timely, and was rapidly shared online. Similar images can be[…]